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Upgrade your regular bike to an electric by swapping-out your front wheel for a GeoOrbital. The Edison Award winning GeoOrbital wheel is made in the USA (from domestic and imported parts) with aerospace-grade aluminum, hi-quality Panasonic battery cells and a foam-filled tire that will never go flat. There is no need to install or configure any apps - simply clip-on the throttle and use it like a gas pedal - the harder you press the faster you go. The industry-leading 600 Watt (750 Watt peak) motor puts out more power than an Olympic cyclist!


Geoorbital 29er

The GeoOrbital 29er wheel is is the most powerful and comfortable wheel that we offer. Designed for hybrid on-road and light-off-road use, the 29er features an upgraded 2nd Generation foam-core tire (more aggressive tread, wider, and with more shock absorption for a softer ride designed for hybrid and street use), a 2nd generation battery pack which has up to 100% more capacity, and an upgraded higher-power high-torque motor for times when you need it.

How the Wheels Stack-up

29ER (29IN)

  • COMPATIBILITY: 29 Inch (29er) wheel replacement
  • MOTOR: Hi-Torque 600 Watt (750 Watt Peak)
  • RECHARGE TIME: up to 5 hours
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 504 Watt Hours
  • RANGE WITHOUT PEDALING: up to 27 Miles*
  • TIRE SIZE: 38C (wider tire with softer ride for hybrid use)

700C (28in)

  • COMPATIBILITY: 700C (28in) wheel replacement
  • MOTOR: 500 Watt (750 Watt Peak)
  • RECHARGE TIME: up to 4 hours
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 374 Watt Hours
  • RANGE WITHOUT PEDALING: up to 20 Miles*
  • TIRE SIZE: 28C (thinner tire with a firmer ride for road use)


  • COMPATIBILITY: 26 Inch wheel replacement
  • MOTOR: 500 Watt (750 Watt Peak)
  • RECHARGE TIME: up to 3 hours
  • BATTERY CAPACITY: 209 Watt Hours
  • RANGE WITHOUT PEDALING: up to 12 Miles*
  • TIRE SIZE: 1.15in (thinner tire with a firmer ride for road use)

*The range is per battery pack. As with all ebike the range varies greatly with rider weight, speed and terrain.

FIT GUIDE for the 29er wheel

To use any GeoOrbital wheel with disc brake bicycles you will need the optional brake adapter.

Checking for FIT - STEP 1

To determine if the GeoOrbital 29er wheel will fit your bike look for the number immediately before the "X" printed on the side of your manual bike wheel.

  • If that number is "29" then the 29er wheel will fit!
  • If that number is "650," "26," or smaller then the 29er wheel will NOT fit.
  • If that number is "27.5," "28," or "700" then please refer to STEP 2

Checking for FIT - STEP 2

If the number printed on the side of your wheel is "27.5," 28," or "700C" then take a U.S Quarter Coin and place it lengthwise on the top outer edge of your tire. If the quarter doesn't hit your fork, brakes or fender, then you'll be able to fit out 29er wheel on your bike.


  • Simple installation - Takes less than 1 minute and requires no tools to install.  
  • Reaches speeds of 20 MPH
  • Powerful 600 Watt (750 Watt peak) motor.
  • Built-in USB outlet - For charging your electronics on the go.
  • Simple thumb throttle - Clip the throttle onto your handlebar and have power-on-demand.
  • Flat-proof foam-filled tire - Never worry about getting a flat or even checking tire pressure.
  • Water-resistant design - Ensures durability.
  • Quality Construction - Made in the USA from U.S. and Imported Parts.

The 60 Second Installation

When we say that the wheel takes 60 seconds to install, we're not joking. In fact many people take less time. See the video below for installation instructions.

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