About the GeoOrbital Wheel

The Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the orbital wheel (the wheels on the TRON Motorcycles). The GeoOrbital wheel replaces a standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into a powerful electric bike in under 60 seconds.

Everything needed to add electric power to your bike is included in the wheel.




The only part that is attached separately from the wheel is a simple thumb activated throttle, which is easily clipped onto your handlebar.

The Panasonic 36V removable Lithium-Ion battery (with a built in USB outlet for charging your electronics) provides a pedal assisted range of up to 50 miles per-battery (up to a 30 mile range for the 26 inch wheel). With little to no pedaling you will go up to 20 miles on a single battery (up to 12 miles for the 26 inch wheel). The more you choose to pedal the more range you can expect, and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer rides. 



The GeoOrbital wheel comes with a flat-proof solid foam tire, so you never have to worry about getting a flat or even checking tire pressure.

By using the latest hi-density foam technology the tires act and weigh the same as a traditional bike tire, but you will never get a flat. Never!



To determine your wheel size look for the number immediately before the "X"

  • If that number is 26 then your wheel size is 26inch
  • If that number is 28, 29, or 700 - then your wheel size is 700C


Wheel size 


PART 1 - Cutting the Blanks 

In the first video a 3000w industrial laser makes easy work out of aluminum sheets. These make up the banks that will be worked on in part 2. 



PART 2 - Building the Unibody 

Here our crew make fast work out of bending, fastening and powder-coating the aluminum unibody for the wheels. This unibody will be assembled, tested, packaged and shipped in part 3.  


Stay tuned for Part 3.



Why is the wheel called "GeoOrbital?"

An Orbital wheel is a wheel with no center – it “orbits” around an empty area, rather than spinning as a result of being connected to a “hub.” For example have you seen the movie TRON? The wheels on those motorcycles are examples of Orbital Wheels (or Hubless wheels and Centerless wheels). The GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the Orbital wheel platform, where instead of orbiting around an empty space, the center of the wheel contains components that make the wheel function as an “all-in-one” vehicle propulsion system. We call this central mass a “Geo.”


Why does the GeoOrbital wheel go on the front?

There are several reasons that we chose to make the GeoOrbital a front wheel application.

  • Ease of Installation – it takes under 1 minute and no tools to install. 
  • Ease of Replacement – when you choose to put your spoked wheel back on it takes seconds to make the switch. 
  • Compatibility - it works with a much greater range of bikes than a rear wheel replacement, supporting any amount of bike speeds, transmission components, “in-hub” brakes, fork sizes and bike chain technologies. 
  • All Wheel Drive – because the GeoOrbital wheel doesn’t interfere with your bike’s chain or rear wheel, you can get all-wheel-drive by using the throttle while pedaling.


Does the GeoOrbital wheel work with my bikes rim brakes?

The GeoOrbital wheels are universally compatible with rim brake bikes across the wheel sizes that we support.


Does the GeoOrbital wheel work with my bike's disc brakes?

Our current models do not support disc brakes, but we plan to offer this in the future! 


Does the weight on the front affect handling?

Not really. Since the weight of the GeoOrbital wheel isn’t spinning it has the same effect as a saddle bag. We also engineered the weight to be low and centralized along the fork so that the ride feels smooth and natural.


Can I pedal while the GeoOrbital wheel is installed?

Yes, absolutely. The GeoOrbital wheel can be used as an assist while going up hills or when you get tired, or as a replacement for pedaling altogether. It’s completely up to you how and when you use it.


If the battery dies will I be stranded?

Absolutely not. You can simply pedal like you normally would on a bicycle.


What If I want a greater range?

Since the battery is easily removable and replaceable we offer additional battery packs to extend the range.


How do I keep the wheel from being stolen?

We specifically designed the GeoOrbital wheel to be secured using standard bike locks. The battery locks to the wheel with the same key that turns the wheel on. If you are especially concerned about security you can remove your wheel in under 30 seconds and take it with you.


What if I want to use the GeoOrbital wheel only for commuting?

This is a big part of the logic behind the GeoOrbital wheel. If you want to pedal for fun or exercise you can simply remove the GeoOrbital wheel and swap your spoked wheel back on. In a few seconds you’ll be back to your 100% manual bicycle. You can have your favorite bike set up just the way you like it. When you want it to be electric, it is, when you don’t, its not.


How difficult is the GeoOrbital wheel to install?

We designed the GeoOrbital wheel to be fast and easy to install. It takes a typical brand new user less than 1 minute and no tools to install for the first time. After the first few times replacing the wheel takes about 30 seconds.


Does it fit on my bike?

If you have an adult-size bike without disc brakes – then YES! We have successfully tested the GeoOrbital Wheel on hundreds of different 26 inch, 28 inch, 29 inch and 700c bicycles found in both specialty and big box stores. We have tested the GeoOrbital wheel on bikes ranging in price from $50 to over $5,000 – from bikes made in the 1800s to those that just came out. Road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, trikes, recumbent’s, folding bikes and kick-bikes and even mini penny farthings work great with the GeoOrbital wheel.


Can I exercise with my GeoOrbital wheel installed on my bike?

Sure. If you are looking for exercise you can combine pedaling and motor power. We have often found that people pedal out of habit even when operating in all electric mode. We call this added benefit “Accidental Exercise.” We have also found that people will ride to work under mostly electric power (to avoid sweating) and then peddle vigorously going home – for exercise.


Does pedaling with the GeoOrbital wheel take extra effort when not using the assist?

All GeoOrbital Wheels have regenerative capability built in by default. Because of this feature there is a slight resistance when pedaling alone. If you are sensitive to any level of resistance you may be happier installing your wheel on a bike with multiple speeds. Lower gears will minimize the resistance you feel pedaling during the times you are not using any electric power. Keep in mind you may choose to always use the throttle when you ride, and not feel any resistance at all!


Does the wheel have regenerative braking?

Yes, our electric wheels have regenerative braking built in standard, whenever you are moving but not using the battery.


I am a Brick and Mortar bike dealer and would like to sell your wheels in our shop. How do I become an Authorized GeoOrbital Dealer?

GeoOrbital has plans to support local Brick and Mortar Bike Shops and will start setting up Authorized GeoOrbital dealers later this spring. If you would like more information, please email: dealer@geoo.com. Please be sure to send us your company name, contact, address, telephone number, and website information and we will respond ASAP.


Do you ship outside of the United States?

YES, but please check your local transportation laws before pre-ordering. eBike laws differ greatly from country to country and even from city to city. This GeoOrbital wheel is a U.S.A. domestic model.


Is regular maintenance required?

Regular maintenance is not required. This is the beauty of brush-less electric motors and sealed bearings! We've got prototypes with 1,000+ miles on them and the most we've done is wipe them down now and then to keep them looking pretty.


How long does the solid foam tire last, and is it replaceable?

The foam tire is one of our favorite features of the GeoOrbital wheel! They have been tested to last 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on use. If it ever does wear-out or if you find a way to destroy it, the rim can be reused and a new tire put on. We plan to offer replacement tires through our website in the future.

What is the technology of the solid foam tire?

Although they might look it from the outside these are not the rubber tires from days past. Our tires are made from a hi-density foam developed and Made in USA. The manufacturer we chose has 60 years of mold making and plastics expertise and developed a proprietary formula for our tires that make them the best on the market for quality, wear and tear, and performance.

With our solid-foam tires, you never have to worry about a flat again, and without any sacrifices in performance and weight.

Is the wheel waterproof/water-resistant?

All the components including the electronics are water resistant and we've tested the GeoOrbital wheel heavily in rain/snow, as well as dirt, grass and gravel. Because of the front wheel design, you can also get all-wheel drive if you pedal along with the motor, giving you increased traction on slippery roads. Check out the video of our CEO riding the wheel in slushy snow.


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