Harvard Business School

GeoOrbital Harvard Business School Collaboration

One of the most amazing aspects of being globally recognized as one of the top innovators is that we are often asked to lead the next generation of entrepreneurs in defining the future. As part of our collaboration with the Harvard University Business School, Harvard produced a set of videos that are used to accompany course work and case studies. Although these videos are generally kept private and accessible only to Harvard Business School students, we asked for permission to share them with our community. This is the first of a series of videos that will be released as part of the course that explores GeoOrbital's disruptive innovation .

Part One

In this video Michael Burtov (our CEO) and Dakota Decker (our CTO) discuss the humble beginnings of the company and the prototyping process for the first iterations of the GeoOrbital wheel. Like many great ideas GeoOrbital effectively started in a garage with very humble beginnings. Michael and Dakota discuss going from initial prototype to first ridable product and the challenges involved with the journey.

In an academic setting this video section is accompanied by Harvard Business School coursework on "getting-started" with bringing disruptive innovation to market.